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Branch Wealth Strategies

Meeting You Where You Are Now & Helping You Get To Where
You Want To Go
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What You Need To Know First

We all want to make the most of our money, both today and for the future. Many of us believe we are taking the right steps by investing in IRAs and 401Ks. Unfortunately, these are not the best ways to build wealth or a secure future.

At Branch Wealth Strategies, we believe in meeting our clients exactly where they are today to help them build wealth in ways that are best for them. We spend time to understand your current situation as well as your short and long term goals. We educate you about how you can enjoy your money today, all while building wealth for the future.

We understand that you have worked hard to get where you are, and you want make sure you are well positioned for the future. Whether for personal or business finances, Branch Wealth Strategies will use their years of experience and expertise with not only investments, but also the tax code to maximize your financial plans and opportunities. We pride ourselves on partnering with clients to educate and empower them to both build and expand their wealth.

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Three Areas of Expertise
How We Help 
How We Help 
How We Help 
(1)Safe Money Planning
  • Alternatives to the bank or brokerage accounts to capture returns or yields on money you don't want to lose​​
  • Use hedging strategies so your nest egg or a portion of it not subject to stock market​​ losses
  • ​Develop a roadmap that will clearly layout your pension, social security income, and any/all other forms to make your future one with options
  • Plan that is stress tested and not just built on hypotheticals
  • There are 3 things we commit to you IF we work together:
    1. our goal is to help you earn 4-7%​, singles not home runs
    2. reduce/eliminate fees or markets losses
    3. simple
(2)Retirement & Income Planning
  • Current portfolio assessment: How are you allocated based on the Rule of 100
  • Secrets the wealthy use to save on taxes and access to capital
  • Custom tailored approach to help you reach your goals : income-liquidity-legacy in mind
  • Enjoy the market gains without experiencing the market losses​​​
  • Identify ways you can enjoy your life today, all the while preparing for the future, have your cake and eat it too
  • Try to develop ideas to minimize ,if possible, taxes on your Social Security Benefits a second time!
  • Examine options vs. just one way of doing things
  • Keep you in control of your money, decisions, direction
(3) CPA Team Approach
  • Work with your current CPA or new forward thinking CPA to think ahead not just put numbers in boxes
  • Trends show that business clients want more ideas to reduce taxes in the present and long term
  • CPA can be the most trusted advisor but must attempt to keep abreast of all options available to clients which is unrealistic
  • We seek CPA's that want to use the tax code fully to eliminate or reduce taxes for their clients and reduced expenses to business owners
  • Build Strategic teams where all parties know what plan is
  • Create a process for moving from hourly billing to value based model creating economic ripple effects through private enterprise
How To Keep Money Compounding
Let Branch Wealth Strategies Help You Gain Financial Freedom. 
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