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December Newsletter


the oak and the river reed

The Mighty Oak

The oak said to the reed that grew by the river, ‘It is no wonder that you make such a sorrowful moaning, for you are so weak that the little wren is a burden for you, and the lightest breeze must seem like a storm-wind.
‘Now look at me! No storm has ever been able to bow my head. You will be much safer if you grow close to my side so that I may shelter you from the wind that is now playing with my leaves.”Do not worry about me,’ said the reed, ‘I have less reason to fear the wind than you have. I bow myself, but I never break. He who laughs last, laughs best!’That night there came a fearful hurricane. The oak stood erect. The reed bowed itself before the blast. The wind grew more furious, and, uprooting the proud oak, flung it on the ground.  When the morning came there stood the slender reed, glittering with dewdrops, and softly swaying in the breeze.


The IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights
The IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights essentially groups and highlights rights that were already available to individuals, making them easier to find and understand.
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Helping Your Parents Manage Their Finances
As parents age, their ability to manage their own finances may decline. That can make it more likely that they may neglect the life savings they’ve worked so hard to accumulate, or make costly mistakes with them. How can you help?
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Is Your Marketing Plan Stuck in the 20th Century?
Business owners who want to keep up with a changing customer base (and the dynamic technology available to them) will need to be familiar with the latest in 21st-century marketing tactics. Here is a brief primer that can help you get started.
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Is it possible to accidentally disinherit my heirs?
One of the most tragic estate planning mistakes is unintentionally disinheriting an heir. Here are some of the most common ways this unfortunate situation can occur.
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Cartoon: The Penalty Box
Making an early withdrawal from your 401(k) might put you in the penalty box.
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