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Your answers to these questions will help us determine the action(s) we should take from here.
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I understand the different aspects of my (our) car/home/umbrella insurance and have reviewed them recently: YesNoN/A
If I injured somebody in a car accident and got sued for $500,000 I have enough insurance coverage to protect my assets: YesNoN/A
I or my family could go without my income or my spouse’s income for a minimum of 5 years in the event of disability: YesNoN/A
If I or my spouse became disabled it would be important for me to know that I (we) have adequate income replacement: YesNoN/A
With the amount of life insurance we have in place my family could go without my income or my spouse’s income in the event of death for a period long enough to get our youngest child out of the house: YesNoN/A
If I or my spouse passed away it would be important for me to know that I (we) have adequate income replacement for each other and our family: YesNoN/A
I (we) have up‐to‐date wills/trusts for our family: YesNoN/A
I have a good idea and have tested how much annual savings I (we) should be doing to reach my (our) objectives: YesNoN/A
I understand that saving every year is vital, and that the dollars I (we) save today are our most valuable in the future: YesNoN/A
I feel my (our) annual savings amount is satisfactory: YesNoN/A
I understand that the financial strategies I (we) set in motion today directly impact my (our) results 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc. years down the road: YesNoN/A
I feel the amount of liquid cash I (we) have available is satisfactory: YesNoN/A
I know what my (our) long term wealth building objectives are: YesNoN/A
I have a full understanding of how retirement income streams work: YesNoN/A
I understand that knowing how retirement income streams work is the first step in efficient/effective long term wealth building (begin with the end in mind): YesNoN/A
I understand the importance of combining financial tools (insurance and investments) together efficiently to create bigger retirement incomes: YesNoN/A
Participating in college funding for my children is important to me: YesNoN/A
I understand that college funding and my (our) retirement incomes are directly linked, or in other words, that if I didn’t pay for college my retirement income would be bigger: YesNoN/A
I understand that the more efficient I am at paying for college the bigger my retirement income can be later: YesNoN/A
I understand how to pay for college in ways that reduces my retirement income the least: YesNoN/A
The main topics on my mind for Protection and Wealth Building are: