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Episode #1 11 Joe Barnard Cross Training Ministries
Episode #3: Celebrating Renee Girault and our Union on 12/22/18
Jack Branch Interviewed By Ken Walls
Episode #7: Work Less Make More: Dan Zimanski Northshore ActionCoach
Episode #9: Why an Estate Plan is An Essential Ingredient to Your Planning
Episode #11: Women & Wealth wIth Traci Kelly 

Episode #13: Paul Jones Physical Therapist
Episode #15: Value of a "Proactive" CPA Sean O'neill
Episode #17: Fishing Transitions Captain Charlie Thomason Bayou Charters Fishing
Episode #19: How Mosaic South Africa is Changing the Entire Landscape of Orphanages
Episode #21: Why Amazon/Netflix Pay Zero Taxes!
Episode #23: Digital Marketing In The New Era
Episode #25: Why A Counselor is One of Our Biggest Assets: Mark Graham (Covington, LA)
Episode #27: Vasectomy/Wifi/Oprah
Episode #29: Gary Best Jump Party Rentals: Bringing Fun to Your Events
Episode #31: JW Property Services: Why Hire A Property Management Company?
Episode #2: Leslie Begin Certified Health Coach
Episode #4: Real Estate Investors Courtney Fricke
Episode #5: Duck Blind Conversion; Attorney Called Into Apologetics
Episode #8: You Finance Everything You Buy, Even if you Pay Cash
Episode #10: How to Beat Burnout with David Guinn New Year New Vision
Episode #12: How SEX Can Save Your LIfe: Tiffany Anton Sex & Relationship Expert
Episode #14: Rick Crozier Mortgage Lending Tips/Tricks
Episode #16: From Nothing to Successful Business Owner; George Gomez
Episode #18: Caleb Guilliams What your Financial Advisor Has No Idea about
Episode #20: Phillip Brodt - How Social Media Presents a Distorted Reality
Episode #22: Love Well - Love with Evidence 
Episode #24: Chris Cazenave 2nd Line Realty One 
Episode #26: An "EPIC" move 
Episode #28: Peace Marvel Charter Guide "The Innovator not the Imitator"
Episode #30: Giving Hope to Women in the Valley Of Breast Cancer: Susan McMillan
Episode #32: 13th Annual Italian American Fishing Benefiting Childrens Hospital New Orleans

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